Retired Members

We love our retirees! Whether they’ve retired from the sport, or moved on to another league, these are the members that became a part of NH Roller Derby and offered their individual skills to help grow the business and the sport of roller derby worldwide. These are the people who have contributed to the growth and sustained success of NHRD from its inception in 2007 to the present day!

*If you are a retiree and do not see your name on this list please email: to be added.

Abby CafPow
Acute Pain
Alfred Hitcha (Official)
Angel of Rage
Angelina JoLethal
Angie O’Genesis
Anita BangHer (Pammy Decker)
Anjaina Heartbeat
Arrow Dynamic
Atari Joykick
Atomic Annie (Mascot)
Baby Jinx
Bad Ass Mama
Barbie Bituate
Becka Wrecka
Becky Booboo (Official)
Berry Short Quake
Bette Thistlehurt
Bettie Off Dead
Bipolar Roller
Bit O Honey
Bo Loco
Bobbi Gore
Boom (M-Eighty HD)
Braze N Hussy
Briesus Christ SuperScar
Cee N Spots
Charles Dickens (Official)
Cherry Crush
Cherry Liquor (mascot)
Chicana Bruzya
Chicka Chicka Bam Bam
Chocolate Tye (Official)
Chuck NU Around
Clawed Monet
Cray Cray
Critical Hit
Cruliette Lewis
Crushin Louboutin
D.V. Isshous
Dee Ceptacon
Dee Stortion
Dementia a-Go-Go
Devilicious Angel
Dixie Cheeks (Official)
Dixon Vixen
Dizzy Blitzroy (Official)
DKB (Dirty Kat Box)
Dottie Danger
Double DeckHer
Dr. Ogre Kill
Duchess of Destruction
Emma Donnelly
Empress Explosiva
Estrogeena Davis
Ethyl Lynn Oxide
Fleetwood Smack
Foxy MauldHer (Official)
Freak ‘n Sweet
Fresh Eddie Fresh (Official)
G. Diddy ThumpHer (Official)
Game Ovaries
Giggles in Your Face
Ginan Toxxic
Gil T Conscious
Ginger Cyn (Official)
Gypsy Fortune Terror
Haddie Collider
Half Pint O’Rage (In loving memory of)
Harmony Lix
Hazardous Heat
Hazel Smut Crunch
Hearty Break Fist
Helen Carnate (Announcer)
Hell Roll Kitty
Hit ‘N Ronda
Hoebo Peep
Hollywood Harlot
Indigo AllNIght (Official)
Iron Mader
Ivanna B. Vicious
Jaded Fury
Jager Raider
JC Superscar
Jeff the Ref (Official)
Jitter Rox
Johnny Cash Machine (coach)
Juris Vixen (Official)
Kamakazie Kink
KAOS Borne
Kara T Chop
Kellie Krusher
Kenya B Green
Kiki (Official)
Killeen T-Bones
Kim Bong Ill
Kim KarBASHyouin (Kelly Boyer)
Kissing Vinegar
LaKneeBreaker (Lani)
Lau N Disorder
Lil nJen
Lipstick Dynamite
Lisbeth Slamintoher (Wasp)
Liv N Fear
Luna Skategood (Official)
Mack Truck Mel
Madame Scurrie
Maimy Pond
Makeout Bandit
Mary E’ffen Poppins
Matt Biron (Burnt Reynolds Coach)
Maully Maguire
Maully Offender
Maxine Kerosene
May B Knotty
McKilla Queen
Medusa’s Might
Melanie M Falcon (Rosie)
Mercedes Burnout
Miss Chiff N Mayhem
Miss United Skates
Misstress Desire
MisTress Manda
Mizz DizzastaH
Moon Unit Slappa (Official)
Moxie Moonwalk
N Raging Grace
N. Joy Payne
Nacca HoDown
Neon Kaos (Official)
Nuclear Beatdown
Officer Haughty McNaughty (mascot)
One Fell Swoop (Official)
Osteo Ferocious (Official)
Peek-a-Boo ICU
Pelvis Costello (Steve Lafond) (Announcer)
Philzie (Official)
Pinky Tuscaderby
Piper Peekaboo (Janelle Elison)
Plasmatic Kitty
Poison AppleBottom
Purpetrator (Official)
Putunya Grave
Quacked Up (Official)
Quarrelin Hardy (Official)
Queen of Hurts
Queen Victorious (Mascot)
Rabid Ruby (Amy Eskelsen)
Rage of Aquarius
Raggedy Antics
Rapid Assault
Red Jawn (Official)
Refington Steel (Official)
Renna Gade
Rhonda Civic
Ring Ya Bella
River Song (Pixie Hollow, Death Save)
Roo Lyn Forcer (Official)
Roxie Hartless
Roxy Rolln’
Rumble Pie
Rush N Rule It
Safety Dan (Official)
Scarley Davidson
Seema Littleoff
Seriously Slamn’
Shelby Shattered (coach)

Shel B Trouble
Shell ATTACKacardia
Sin D LapHer (In loving memory of)
Sin Da Block
Sinister StingHer
Sioux A Cyde
Slam I Am
Slashya Fierce
Slay D Bug
Sloppy Jones (Official)
Smash Atoms
SS Trixie
Steelia Lunchmoney
Stirrup Trouble
Su McKenzie
Sweet Nyx
Swirko (Katrina)
Tallulah TubThumpher
Tank’D Girl
TazSlamanian Devil
Techno Destructo
TestosteRon Jeremy (Official)
The Grim Skater (Papa Bruiser, Mascot)
The Tartlet Dodger
The Wreckoning
Tiara Misu (Official)
Trina Trioxin
URin Trouble
Velocity Grrrl
Vincent Van Gotothebox (Gogo) (Official)
Vindetta (Vincenza)
Vintage Venom
Wench Wrench (Official)
Wendy Awesome
Wesley Stripes (Official)
WhackE JackiE
Whistler’s Mutha (Official)
Woody Yankabitch (Official)
Wynonna Thudd
Zebra Warrior Princess
Zom B HuntHer