Play Roller Derby

Roller derby athletes come in all shapes, sizes, and ages—some competitors are lifelong athletes—others have never played a sport at all. We come from all backgrounds and all walks of life. There are mothers, students, and professionals that play roller derby.

There is no “one-size-fits-all”, when it comes to playing roller derby. You just have to have drive, determination, and the willingness to succeed!

Don’t know how to roller-skate? No problem! We train all levels of skaters. Training happens at our bi-annual Rookie Camps.

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Where you will learn all the basics of roller skating through the sport of roller derby. Once Rookie Camp is complete you will learn advanced skating to scrimmage and compete.

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If you can’t meet the requirements below, check out some of our other opportunities:
Officiating | Volunteering | Junior Roller Derby

Competitor Requirements

  • NH Roller Derby welcomes any skater who identifies as female, transgender, intersex and/or gender expansive if women’s flat track roller derby is the version and composition of roller derby with which they most closely identify.
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have health insurance
  • Pay monthly league dues: $45
  • Purchase WFTDA insurance annually: $75
  • Sign an annual liability waiver and non-disclosure agreement
  • Commit at least 8 hours per week to the league (more during the spring and summer months)
  • Have the correct gear:
    “Quad” style roller skates (inline skates are not allowed)
    Recommended: the skates that fit best
    Because: improperly fitting skates will hold you back and increase risk of injury
    Recommended: dual certified helmet
    Because: no helmet can prevent concussions, but good helmets can help minimize injury
    Mouth guard
    Recommended: SISU
    Because: breathing and communicating are important on the track
    Hard protective shell/insert elbow pads
    Recommended: a snug, comfortable fit
    Because: elbow pads often last longer than other protective gear
    Hard protective shell/insert knee pads
    Recommended: cushioned function over fashion
    Because: you will land on your knees a lot
    Hard protective shell/insert wrist guards
    Recommended: good palm and stable wrist protection
    Because: hand and wrist injuries are fairly common

Do you have what it takes? Email us at to learn more about getting started.

Transfer Skaters

If you are moving to the area or want some new teammates, we’re here for you. Please email our Transfer Skater Advocate at to find out more about transferring to NHRD from another league.