Become a Sponsor

Sponsors allow New Hampshire Roller Derby (NHRD) to provide family-friendly athletic entertainment to the
people of New England. We greatly appreciate every sponsor and offer the following sponsorship opportunities:

  • Pre-built packages to fit most budgets
  • Custom packages to fit any budget
  • Affordable à la carte advertising options

We work hard to ensure exceptional value and exposure are provided to every sponsor. Great care is taken to
showcase our sponsors throughout events, social media, our website, press releases, newsletters, posters,
flyers, season programs, and other marketing efforts. We seek strategic opportunities that mutually benefit our
sponsors and NHRD.

A few of NHRD’s past sponsors include Bruised Boutique, Catalyst Chiropractic, New Hampshire Fisher Cats,
Nashua Telegraph, Inkubus, and City Sports Grille.

From the athletes and fans of New Hampshire Roller Derby, thank you for considering sponsorship in 2019.

In-Kind Wish List

Some of the items needed to build our organization and to bring you rockin’ roller derby events are listed below. Because NHRD is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, your donations are tax deductible.

Medical Supplies

  • Instant Ice Packs (any size)
  • “Ace” Bandages
  • Knee Braces (neoprene sleeve type or hinged post-op kind) used or new


  • Printing Services
  • Duct Tape or Gaffer’s Tape (preferably pink)
  • Painter’s tape (at least 3/4 inch)