BY DARRELL MAKI, HUBBY OF NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET RENNA GADE Guest Blogger United we slam…. Pssst…hey you. Yeah, you. Are you tired of all these prima donna athletes, complaining about their million-dollar contracts and media scrutiny? Have you spent years living and dying on every play your team has made (or blown), only to watch your favorite player turn around and leave in the offseason? And aren’t you disgusted how these guys never think twice to even play for an arch-rival (of all things!) when the opportunity and cash arises? Well, do you know what the problem is? It’s very simple, really. You gotRead More →

At 13 years old I started my first real job refereeing soccer games. In the beginning I had a really hard time processing the emotions that went along with being screamed at by 40 year-old housewives during kindergarten soccer games. I had an older mentor who, after being brought to tears one day by a Dad who screamed obscenities at me the ENTIRE GAME, he sat me down to explain some things that changed my entire outlook on being the “face” of the game. 1. You will make good calls and you will make bad calls. The only thing that matters is how you reactRead More →

If I could visit myself as the ghost of derby future at the point where I was learning how to skate, I would tell myself all of the things that I have learned over my derby years about being an athlete, being a teammate and being the best version of myself. In creating a list of my goals for this 2014 season, I realized that a lot of these things wouldn’t have been on my list 7 years ago; in fact, I wouldn’t have even made a list. In an effort to share what I have found works for me, I give you: 7 thingsRead More →

We know all what tough love is, and sometimes it’s not what we want but it’s what we need. I’ve always been supported by my parents, family and friends and they never pushed me into something that I didn’t want to do. Coming into roller derby, my parents and friends said things like “Hey, that’s great!”, “Good for you”, “I’m proud of you” and “PLEASE DON’T GET HURT!”. You know, supportive and loving comments. Now all I hear is “Just do it!”, “You are ready”, “Stop whining, and just do it!”, “You take forever”, “Get out of your head”. All words from the one andRead More →