As our season comes to a close, we say farewell to one of our skaters who has been with NHRD since the early years. Irate Pirate has been skating with NHRD since 2008, been through all the various rule changes, home teams, travel teams, been captain, and on almost every committee that NHRD has. We wish you all the best with all your new adventures, and hope to see you cheering in the stands. Name: Irate Pirate Number: 10 Position: Blocker, Pivot Rookie Year: 2008 Teams: Skate Free or Die! All Stars, Granite Skate Troopers, Cherry Bombs, NH Roller Derby All Stars How did youRead More →

Introducing…She-Rex!   Look out for our new skaters on the track April 23rd!   What interested you in Roller Derby? How did you get involved in Roller Derby? I saw my first roller derby bout back in 2012 and found the sport to be beyond interesting.  Itsy Bitsy Fighter was playing for Portland ME and I happened to be dating her brother.  He thought I would love the game and wanted me to try to play, but it was too expensive for me at that time.  I later found that some of my coworkers played and watched a few bouts.  Next thing I knew RookieRead More →

What interested you in Roller Derby? How did you get involved in Roller Derby? I used to play rugby, but during my first year in grad school, I decided to mix things up. I found a roller derby league in State College, PA and skated with them for 2 years, until I moved to New England. I stuck with roller derby because it was both challenging and rewarding. What is your derby name? Why did you choose your name? What’s the story? A friend actually came up with this name in high school, and it stuck. I really like dinosaurs, so it seemed like theRead More →

I chose to feature Shell as the April Skater of the Month because Shell is an inspiration to me! She’s got guts for days, tons of heart and never gives up. She showed up to boot camp in jeans and looked like Bambi on ice and had enough drive and determination to learn all she could. I still tell the story in fresh meat training of how she came up to me in our first month and said, “Bash, hit me as hard as you can. I want to know what it feels like.” I was taken back by this little spitfire and while IRead More →