Media Information

New Hampshire Roller Derby welcomes all members of the media and photographers to attend our games—home and away. Several resources are available for download on this page.

Press Kit

For an overview of NHRD and its fans, please download or request a print copy of the press kit.

Press Releases

NHRD emails press releases to local print, radio, and television outlets, as well as posting on this website. If you have not received press releases from NHRD, please contact us to be added to our notification list.

Press Credentials

NHRD kindly requests that members of the press wishing to attend a bout contact League PR so that credentials and bout-day media liaison will be available at the door. Roller derby is a new sport to many people and NHRD wants to ensure that coverage is accurate and safe for both skaters and journalists.

To schedule an interview, discuss potential stories, or request a press pass, please email our Marketing Committee.

In the event that league policies are violated by a member of the press, NHRD reserves the right to revoke media credentials.

Safety Information

Roller derby is a full contact, aggressive sport. For safety reasons, members of the media should stay in designated safe zones at all times.

Off-Limits Areas:

  1. Within 10 feet of the track. There is a clearly marked 10-foot buffer zone around the outer track boundary. Referees skate in this area and downed skaters frequently slide into this zone. Under no circumstances should members of the media be within this zone during warm-ups or bouting.
  2. Track “Infield”. Only Referees and Non-Skating Officials may stand in the infield during an active bout. Members of the media may take photos or shoot video from the infield during warm-ups ONLY.
  3. Team Benches. With lines of skaters moving in and out of the bench area for each jam, this area is particularly dangerous. Reporters may stand in the home/visitors boxes behind the benches if they have received the consent of that team’s captain but they must stay in place for the entire period.
  4. Locker Rooms. No media personnel are allowed in or immediately adjacent to either team’s locker rooms.

While signs are posted at the bout venue stating that the event is being recorded and photographed, NHRD asks all media personnel to kindly respect the wishes of skaters, coaches, referees, volunteers, and fans who do not want to be interviewed.

Independent Photographers and Videographers

You will need NHRD photographer’s credentials (“Photo Credentials”) to:
  1. Attend an event with “professional grade” (in the league’s opinion) photo equipment; OR
  2. If you intend on taking photographs to license or sell; OR
  3. If you want access to specially designated photography areas.

The league’s primary goal in providing Photo Credentials is to ensure the safety of the skaters and the photographers. Both the skaters and the photographers need to be aware and respectful of each other’s presence during an event.

The secondary purpose of the Photo Credentials is to protect the skater’s images and regulate the use of protected material (such as trademarks, copyrighted materials, etc.) of the skaters, the leagues, and the sponsors.

Individual skaters possess a right to their publicity as well as to their privacy. Any commercial use of images depicting skaters, regardless of copyright status, is prohibited without the express written permission of that skater.

A cooperative relationship benefits the photographer, the skaters, and the leagues in that each party can promote the professional interests of the other through press coverage, portfolio content, and cultivation of professional recognition. To promote this mutually beneficial relationship, NHRD encourages the photographers to make their images from bouts available to fans and to the league in exchange for special photographic access.

Use of the images for individual portfolio use and self-promotion is generally approved, barring any objections to the images by the skater(s) depicted in the image. We request that the photographer not share bout and skater photographs and videos that are not in alignment with our values. This includes, but is not limited to, posting the images on websites that rely heavily on nudity, sexual content, violence, obscenity, and/or website that advocate illegal behavior.

NHRD reserves the right to issue takedown and cease & desist notices, revoke Photo Credentials, and/or enjoin future publication of any photographs taken at NHRD events. We anticipate that these types of actions will be very rare.

To request photography credentials, please contact us.