Who can play roller derby?

Although roller derby leagues exist all over the world for men, women, and youths, NH Roller Derby (NHRD) is governed by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), which specifies certain rules of player eligibility; the league establishes other eligibility rules. The rules of eligibility to play roller derby for NHRD are below.

All players must identify as women, be at least 18 years old, have health insurance, commit to practices and committee/league responsibilities, and can afford monthly NHRD dues and annual WFTDA insurance. If you cannot meet one or more of the requirements listed above, officiating and volunteer positions are also offered to men and women, ages 18 and up.

NHRD officials and volunteers do not pay league dues, they have more flexibility regarding practices, and they are not required to join a committee nor serve the league in another capacity. Furthermore, volunteers and non-skating officials are not required to have health insurance nor purchase WFTDA insurance; skating officials must have health insurance and are required to purchase WFTDA insurance every year.

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Is there a men’s league in New Hampshire?

Sadly, there are no men’s roller derby leagues in New Hampshire, but don’t let that stop you. Mass Maelstrom Roller Derby (Lancaster, MA), Pioneer Valley Roller Derby (Northampton, MA), Vermont Men’s Roller Derby (Burlington, VT), and Casco Bay Roller Derby (Portland, ME) are the closest men’s leagues. Visit the Men’s Roller Derby Association

Is there a junior’s league in New Hampshire?

Yes, there are a few of them! Check out NHJRD

Do you get paid to play?

Nope. Roller derby is an amateur sport, so we pay to play.

Does NHRD play on a banked track?

NHRD (and almost every roller derby league today) plays on a regulation flat track. All you need to start playing is enough space, some tape, and a tape measure. That equals lower costs, greater portability, and many more venues to choose from than banked track leagues could ever imagine.

How much does it cost to start playing?

Below are some typical prices that you might expect to pay when purchasing roller derby gear as a beginning skater. All players and skating officials are required to have the following equipment.

Item Est. Cost
Quad skates $150-300
Helmet $50-60
Knee pads $50-70
Elbow pads $30-40
Wrist guards $20-30
Mouthguard $10-20

Due to the nature of the retail industry, we recommend shopping around for the best deals. Bruised Boutique in Nashua is the best resource for trying skates, pads, and helmets on.

Your skates will come with a set of wheels. Additional sets of wheels can be purchased later to accommodate the different surfaces you’ll eventually skate on.

It’s best to get a dual-certified helmet. They cost a little more than single-certified helmets, but also provide better protection.

You will also need to purchase WFTDA insurance for $75 (2018 price) and be prepared to pay your first monthly league dues of $45.

Total: $430-640

We do have some loaner gear available, but sizes and quantities are limited. Please contact Training if you need help.

Is roller derby fake?

That’s a great question and we answer it almost every day. If you remember (or have heard about) roller derby from the 1960s, ’70s, or ’80s, you probably expect fictional trackside drama and staged big hits. In today’s roller derby, every hit, fall, sprain, break, concussion, win, and loss are just as real as they are in other full contact sports, like ice hockey and rugby. Modern roller derby is nothing short of an amazing sport for athletes of all shapes and sizes.


How is the game played?


When does the season start and end?

Our season begins early spring and concludes early fall each year.