Become an Official

Roller derby may be one of the most challenging sports in the world to referee. The “ball” is a human being, traveling through a pack that is also moving, and referees are moving, too.

Five to seven skating officials (referees) plus several non-skating officials (NSOs), such as penalty box timers, jam timers, statisticians, and penalty wranglers keep tabs on every skater and coach.

NHRD is looking for men and women to join our officiating crew.

Referee and NSO Requirements

  • You must be 18 or older.
  • You must have WFTDA insurance ($75 a year) and health insurance.
  • You must sign a waiver promising that, if you get hurt, you won’t sue us into oblivion.
  • You must be able to attend at least 75% of our scrimmages and events.
  • Required for refs, optional for NSOs: quad skates (roller skates), a helmet, mouth guard, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards

Check out our current team of refs and NSOs.

Are you ready to accept a challenge?

Contact us today for more information about becoming a referee or NSO.

If you can’t wait to get started until you’ve had a chance to meet us, look below for a list of resources to feed your inner rules nerd.

Rules Information

Officiating Positions

Head Ref (1) Supervises the officiating
Jam Ref (2) Watches the jammer and keeps score
Inside Pack Ref (1-2) Watches the blockers and pivots from the inside of the track
Outside Pack Ref (2-3) Watches the blockers and pivots from the outside of the track
Non-Skating Officials
Head NSO (1) Certifies stats results for submission to the WFTDA for ranking
Jam Timer (1) Keeps 2 minute jam times and 30 second break times. Blows jam start whistle
Penalty Box Timers (2-3) Keeps track of penalty times and notifies skaters when they can leave the box
Penalty Tracker(1) Works closely with the Inside Whiteboard NSO to record the penalty type and when it happened
Scorekeeper(2) Receives points per lap from the Jam Refs, keeps track of who is Lead Jammer, and records how each jam ends
Scoreboard Operator (1) Runs the electronic scoreboard for the public
Inside Whiteboard (1) Notes all penalties on a board visible to the referees and skaters
Lineup Tracker (2) Records which skater is in each position each jam for computation of play time