Get comfortable and get ready for a chat with Atari JoyKick,  #2600 from the Granite Skate Troopers.  She’s a hard working lady, Mom, card designer…AND ATHLETE!  Atari has a BIG HEART that shows in her life as well as her attitude towards skating.  Thanks for showing us the true spirit of derby. I have to ask the obvious.  What’s with the name and number (Atari 2600)?  You don’t seem like a gamer…especially one that kicks it old school. In 1982, my sister bought an Atari 2600, and I’ve been hooked on video games ever since! As a kid, we would have family Pac-Man competitions (evenRead More →

The Nightmares on Elm Street Win New Hampshire Roller Derby’s First Home Team Championship MANCHESTER, NH – On August 27, 2011, the Nightmares on Elm Street battled the Granite Skate Troopers in New Hampshire Roller Derby’s first ever Home Team Championship at the JFK Coliseum. The Nightmares came away with the win, 149-46, and took home the coveted Kennedy Cup, or K-Cup, championship trophy. Sioux A. Cyde was the first to don the star for the Nightmares and scored a quick 5 points in the first jam. The Troopers fought back with Crueliette Lewis throwing 10 points on the board for her team in theRead More →

New Hampshire Roller Derby’s Skate Free or Die All-Stars Claim Victory over Granite State Roller Derby’s Legislashers MANCHESTER, NH – In New Hampshire Roller Derby’s last home bout of the 2011 season, NHRD’s Skate Free or Die All-Stars hosted the Legislashers of Granite State Roller Derby. Both teams put forth a tremendous effort but it was Skate Free or Die that earned the 212-47 victory. Skate Free or Die came out of the gate strong, scoring 36 points and keeping the Legislashers scoreless in the first four jams. The Legislashers quickly pushed back and with 15 minutes left in the half, they had scored 17Read More →

Have you ever wanted to play roller derby? Have you imagined yourself jamming through the pack or delivering a swift hit? Well now is your chance, because we’re recruiting for the 2012 season! In the derby world, new skaters are called “fresh meat”. Don’t worry if your skating and understanding of the game needs some work — fresh meat go through training to learn all the skills required to play. If you’re interested, please get in touch with us. Details are below. Boot Camp NHRD will hold a Boot Camp on September 27th, at 7pm, at Roller Kingdom in Tyngsboro, MA. The event will provideRead More →