Featured Skater: Zom B. Hunt-Her #42

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Zombie Hunt-Her tells us what Roller Derby means to her!

Video by: Kathryn Roberts          Collaborator: Dixon Vixon

After 4 seasons, Hunt-Her has become an amazing asset to her team, the Cherry Bombs, as well as the league. She continues to push herself and learn from every experience. Hunt-Her spent her first 3 seasons on the Seabrook Meltdowns and this year was her first season playing on a travel team.

Not only will she not let you pass by blocking you all day and all night, she will also wear that jammer helmet cover like it’s no ones business. Being a jammer isn’t her primary position, but she sure wears it well. Without a doubt, when you see her coming your way you better watch out — she will knock you down.

Hispanic AttackPhoto by: Hispanic Attack


Brian Woodbury_2
Photo by: Brian Woodbury  


Kevin PillsburyPhoto by: Kevin Pillsbury

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