Nightmares on Elm Street top Seabrook Meltdowns 269-112

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MANCHESTER – The June 8 match-up between New Hampshire Roller Derby’s (NHRD) Seabrook Meltdowns and reigning undefeated champions Nightmares on Elm Street was a much anticipated rematch of last season’s home team championship bout. The Nightmares were able to remain undefeated in the 2013 season, coming out with 269-112 win.

The Nightmares have had some unfortunate losses to their roster this season, mainly due to injuries. Primary jammers for the evening for were Su McKenzie (MVP Jammer), JC Superscar, Punky and Lau N Disorder.

Relief jammers consisted of Bash, Katrina Swirko, Chicana Bruzya and Liv N. Fear (MVP Blocker).

The Meltdowns jammer rotation consisted of Prissassin, Techno Destructo, Anja-in-a Heartbeat (MVP Jammer), Rage of Aquarius, Cee N. Spots and Game Ovaries.

A strong lineup of blockers from the Nightmares controlled the Meltdowns jammers so that they could continue to rack up points after picking up lead jammer calls consistently.  Penalties and power jams seemed to be problematic for the Meltdowns throughout the first half.

Meltdowns did a nice job of playing offense throughout this bout, springing their own jammer from the pack shortly after the Nightmares’ jammers received lead, forcing them to call it off.

Exceptional blocking in the pack for the Meltdowns was courtesy of Plasmatic Kitty (MVP Blocker), Mimi, Jager-Raider, Hester Paine, Medusa’s Might and Bette Thistlehurt.

The Nightmares utilized their small roster to its fullest potential with its double threat roster of skaters, primary blockers included Bash, Lau N Disorder, Liv N. Fear, Kim Bong Ill, Chicana Bruzya and Captain Bobbi Gore.

The Nightmares took the early lead by holding back the Meltdowns jammers with their tight walls. The Meltdowns gave them a scare in the fifth jam, however, when Prissassin forced a track cut on jammer Punky. But Nightmares defense was able to hold Techno Destructo to only two passes before she called it off.

Penalties then became a bigger problem for the Meltdowns as jammers were being sent to the box giving the Nightmares ample opportunity to garner an impressive lead.

The second half showed the Meltdowns coming back with a vengeance as they sent in dual rostered Skate Free or Die All-Star jammer and Meltdowns Captain Game Ovaries to gain some momentum. But stealthy moves from Nightmares jammers and recurring lead jammer status ensured another victory for the Nightmares, 269-112.

The Nightmares remain undefeated and will be heading to the Home Team Kennedy Cup Championship bout on August 24 at the JFK Coliseum in Manchester.

The Meltdowns will face-off against the Granite Skate Troopers on July 20 in the home team play-offs for a chance to play for the Kennedy Cup against the Nightmares on August 24.

Write Up Courtesy of Slick Tracy

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