Ladies and gentlemen… your favorite Valentine and mine… February’s Featured Skater is HOEBO PEEP!

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Hoebo Peep * #B33R * Skate Free or Die All-Stars & Granite Skate Troopers

Ghost hunting… talk to me!  I’ve began ghost hunting in 2007 with high school friends.  One night we hid in the woods behind Gilson Cemetery in Nashua and scared strangers who visited the cemetery. One of the strangers that night was Rachel Arnold who is now my best friend and founder of Paranormal Activity Research Team of New Hampshire (PART-NH for short)  I joined PART-NH in 2008 and have been ghost hunting with this group ever since. We have been all over New England, and have had some PRETTY freaky experiences. Ask and I shall tell! We go with whoever is interested in coming. Check us out! We always welcome new comers!

As many of our ladies are, you are quite talented.  A singer/guitarist I’m told, who performs regularly.  Where do you perform?  How long have you been singing? What kind of stuff do you do?  Please elaborate.  (And can we come and see you and cheer you on?)  I’ve been playing guitar and singing for a few years now.  All self taught. I picked both up towards the end of high school and into the beginning of college. I have also been playing drums since the age of 12. There is a smorgasbord of instruments just hanging about the house. My friends and family make the joke, “Chances are you, if you ask her to play it, SHE CAN!”  My friend Rachel and I perform twice a week. On Sunday evenings after open skate we play in Nashua, at Penuche’s. Also, on Tuesday evenings after practice we play at Stumble Inn, which is located in North Londonderry. On Friday nights you can find us at my house with our friends playing music and doing karaoke. COME ON OVER!  Every once in a great while we play at the Hudson V.F.W. just for fun. Everyone is ALWAYS welcome to watch and/or join in! We do ALL kinds of music. The Sky is the limit in our eyes. Tell us what you wanna hear, and we’ll play it!

My stealthy Ninja… you have mad skills… so awesome in fact that the Queen City Cherry Bombs awarded you the “Crouching Blocker, Hidden Jammer” award.  CONGRATS!  A lot of people have praised you very highly.  “Excelled” is a word often used.  “Works her ass off” another common phrase.  If you don’t mind, talk about this awesomeness.   My true inspiration for skating was my mother. She was an artistic skater as a child, and she LOVED it. When I was four she began to teach me, and I couldn’t stay away from it! Eventually I traded my Little Mermaid quads in for roller blades! Once middle school hit, I became completely addicted to aggressive inline skating. This continued until I was 23 when I found DERBY. Or Derby found me, I should say. Just a little different than what i was used to ;). “Works her ass off”, right… YES! You could say I beat myself up until I get it right! I am very honored to receive such an award and I’m grateful to all of the lovely NHRD girls who have helped me improve my derby skills. None of my accomplishments this past season could have been possible without them by my side.

Derby girls have a very “rough and tough” persona, but we are a lot deeper than that. Some things I’ve heard about you are:  Family oriented. Very close to your mom; she got you interested in derby (and might even tryout for NHRD someday!)  Not conceited or judgmental. All that and a home health care worker by day too!  These are amazing qualities in a person. Your family must be proud of you.  You betcha I’m family oriented! My Mum will definitely be a part of the league! Her goal is to be a member of the Ref Crew one day soon! I found out about derby however, from Helen Carnate! I saw her skating at an open skate one Sunday. A friend back home told me about the league, so I approached her with questions about derby and it took off from there! I owe Helen my world for introducing me to NHRD! I am probably the least judgmental person you’ll ever meet. I see potential in every person. There is just no reason not to.

You’re a kickass force to be reckoned with on the track, and a loving, caring soul to the outside world.  How do you keep it all in balance? And when do you have time to ghost hunt and perform? There are only so many hours in the day!  I function best when kept busy! I’m always on the go and have become great at managing my time…on most occasions ;). I don’t know how I still don’t own a calendar. I work early mornings, then have practice. The nights I’m not performing after practice, I go ghost hunting (weather permitting). The few hours I have during the week not devoted to this, you can find me volunteering my time at the Hudson V.F.W. with my mum, working out, painting, or what have you. I’ve been doing so much for so long it feels weird when I actually have a day to sit and veg. So weird, I usually get up and find something to do. Being active is very important to me. It keeps me happy and healthy! 

You obviously have an interest in fashion, as you are quite the trendsetter.  Is that just a hobby, or something you considered pursuing on a professional level? Or does that part of you go along with the performer in you?  Trendsetter you say?! I do have a very big interest in fashion and I have considered pursuing it on a professional level. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time as of right now. I do manage to find the time to sketch and design clothing. I am also very interested in hair and makeup as well. High fashion is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s a passion I hope to pursue one day.

I’m exhausted just talking to you Hoebo… or is it Peep?!  You are not only an asset to NHRD, you are an asset to everyone who comes in contact with you! 

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