I DID IT!! The underdog did it!

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I’M A MELTDOWN! I’M A MELTDOWN! I’M A MELTDOWN! DID A MENTION THAT I’M A MELTDOWN?! I’m proud to be one of the newest skaters of the NHRD Seabrook Meltdowns. The first bout that I went to see was actually a Meltdown bout. I watched the team like a hawk. Maneuvering around their opponents, communicating to one another and just working as a team. I even said to myself “I could never be on that team. I’m not that good at skating”. After a lot of work and dedication, I did! I am a official skater for New Hampshire Roller Derby. Not only that, I’M A SEABROOK MELTDOWN!

It all started with when I took part as a NHRD NSO. After not making the cut back in January 2011, I still wanted to be a part of this amazing league. Woody Yankabitch, one of NHRD’s finest refs, was the one that approached me about taking advantage of this opportunity. I NSOed for a year and had a blast! I learned about penalties, score keeping, and even gained a bit knowledge about how the game is played. I was able to attend all practices too. There I skated on the outside of the track being a little fan girl. I watched and admired every single woman out on that track. Being able to get skating time in, I was able to build my confidence little by little. I just kept telling myself that will be me next year, I can do it!

After a season of NSOing, it was time for FRESHMEAT BOOTCAMP AND TRAINING! I feel that I had an advantage in freshmeat bootcamp. In bootcamp, we focused on basic skating skills. We covered all level 1 skills and were even shown some level 2 skills that night. I was introduced to all this when I tried out last year. I kept all those skills in my regular skating routines. Whenever I attended league/team practices as a NSO, I was on the side lines practicing the skills that I learned back in the 2011 tryouts. Now, freshmeat training.. that’s a different story. Captains and trainers from different teams crammed in as much training as they could into 2 months. It was intense but I loved it. Some practices came easier to me and some were personally tough. All in all partaking in both bootcamp and training were extremely beneficial for my skating career.

A year has come and gone and look at me now! I have NSOing under my belt. I was able to drink in new skating skills, and a few beers. I joined in on 2012 tryouts and MADE IT! This will be my rookie year as a Seabrook Meltdown for NHRD. I still have a lot ahead of me, a lot to learn and a lot to accomplish. I’m super excited for this year and I’m ready for every challenge coming my way. Oh yeah, did you hear the great news?! I’M A MELTDOWN!


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